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Date:2020-01-20 14:36
Subject:Master List and Friending Policy

Hello! :-)

Here be mah sticky! \o/

My friending policy is thus: Go right ahead! :-D If I don't friend back right away, it's likely we've either never spoken or not a lot. I may assume you're here more for the fic I write than for posts about my life. I'm friendly but reserved (at first), so I may wait until I know you better to friend back. No offense. I'll do this with everyone. But I'm so happy you're here, and I'm excited to get to know you! Welcome!

Also! I wrote for two years under the username [info]train_tracks. I'll never delete that journal, and you'll find all my fic from early 2012 to May of 2014 (there is some overlap) there as well as my other Master List. I also have AO3 pages under each name and InsaneJournal accounts (train_tracks and lumosedquill respectively, and yes I added or took away the underscores JUST to fuck with all of you; not really), but I won't be updating those like I will at LJ under lumosed_quill (with an underscore. Of course.)

I hope you enjoy, wherever you read! :-)


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Other HP Slash Pairings/Threesomes )

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Het and/or Bi Threesomes )

Also, if you're writing for me for a fest or because you lost some sort of bet to me...

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